• Mark Hannant

Invitation to indulge

One of the greatest joys of being on the road in India is the food

The Gujarati name, pronounced 'Amantran' means 'invitation'. I didn't need asking twice

The trip to Vadodara, a thriving tier-two city, named after its famed banyan trees, was one of the most memorable of my research expeditions. Dawn had yet to break as the Shatabdi Express pulled out of Mumbai Central station. The cast of characters along for the ride was colourful: diamond traders jumping off at Surat, a wedding party headed to Bharuch, families on their way to the final stop at Ahmedabad.

My journalistic mission was to meet Creditmate a fintech firm that's disrupting the loans market.

By lunchtime I was fading fast and in need of some home-style khana (food).

The restaurant name pronounced Amantran in Gujarati translates as 'invitation'. It specialises in Gujarati thalis, a sumptuous eat-as-much-as-you-can selection of vegetarian dishes, breads and sweets.

I didn't need to be asked twice.




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